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Infinity Usb 2 Foot Pedal Software

  • Home > Dictation and Transcription > Transcription and Dictation Foot Pedals > Infinity USB Foot Pedal (IN-USB-3)Buy Now for Lower Prices - until the 31st of March 2023 only**Save around 7% off the normal price if you buy online on or before the 31st of March 2023**.**US Pacific Daylight TimeInfinity USB Foot Pedal (IN-USB-3)Product Code: FPVECUSB Ships To: World Wide Shipping AvailableAbout this ProductEngineered for the highest level of performance and comfort, the Infinity USB foot pedal is designed for transcription or dictation; it is compatible with most common digital transcription software applications that exist in the marketplace today.There are three pedal controls which are typically setup for Rewind (left), Play/Stop (center) and Fast-Forward (right).The ergonomic design of the Infinity foot pedal provides fantastic comfort great for all day use. Weighing in at 2.3 lbs, the foot pedal is just heavy enough to keep it in place while in use and the anti-slip backing helps ensure it stays right where you want it!Key FeaturesThree-button USB foot pedal makes transcribing fast and efficientHigh quality ergonomic deviceWorks on PC and MacDesigned for use with Express Scribe Software Pro Transcription SoftwarePurchase the bundle here: Express Scribe Pro Transcription Software with USB Foot PedalIMPORTANT: This pedal will NOT work with the FREE version of Express Scribe software. Please see the AltoEdge USB Foot Pedal for use with the FREE version of Express Scribe by NCH Software!System RequirementsWindows XP/Vista/7/8 and 10

Works on Mac OS X 10.4 to 10.11Spare USB port Our Price:Only $89.99 USD Frequently Bought TogetherCustomers who bought the Infinity USB Foot Pedal (IN-USB-3) also bought...

Infinity Usb 2 Foot Pedal Software

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When I connect an Infinity IN-USB-2 footpedal to my Windows 7 Professional guest (on Ubuntu 14.04 and VMware Workstation 10.0.2), the pedal gets recognized by Windows and various applications, but pressing the pedal itself has no effect.

I downloaded a USB foot pedal tester ( on the guest and it recognized that the device was connected, but when I pressed any of the three pedals, the tester did not detect the presses.

They recommended using a hotkey program to work around the problem. I did not try this solution, but purchased a different foot pedal that does work with VMs out of the box: a vPedal vP-1. Lesser build quality than the Infinity (in my opinion) but it works perfectly.

I do have a solution that will allow you to use the pedal as intended if the remote program needing to use it supports the use of hotkeys. For instance, these pedals are commonly used with NCH Software's Express Scribe Professional software. This software can use either a foot pedal, or you can assign the playback functions to hotkeys. In the scenario you are referring to you would configure Express Scribe on the remote machine to use HotKeys, you would then install Pedalware ( ), a free Windows only foot pedal utility made by NCH Software, you then use the Pedalware utility to assign the buttons of the pedal a HotKey that coincides with those set in the remote program.

The Infinity USB foot pedal is designed for ease of use whether you are dictating in a hands-free environment or transcribing. This USB computer foot pedal has the ability to handle a heavy dictation / transcription workload with little to no foot fatigue.

The ergonomic design of USB foot pedal allows you to rest your foot comfortably while you are dictating or transcribing. USB foot pedal includes a wide, central, sloping Play pedal. Large size of USB foot pedal enables you to easily move your foot from the Play to Fast Forward to Rewind keys during dictating or transcribing. The Infinity USB foot pedal works on most of the leading brands of dictation / transcription products. This USB foot pedal is perfect for Computer Transcription. USB Foot Pedal is also known as Infinity IN-USB foot pedal or IN-USB-2 foot pedal.

To use this USB foot pedal you must have a Windows based Transcription Software Application. Windows Media Player, Real Audio and most other sound file players are NOT designed to work with a USB foot pedal. If you need software to work with the USB foot pedal we recommend DigiScribe. It gives you all the flexibility you need to control playback of digital files with a USB foot pedal.

This is an Infinity USB Foot Control for PC-based Wave Players that use the USB port for controlling the play / rewind / fast forward motion. If you already have the transcription software (check compatibility list above) this is the USB foot pedal that you need.

It can literally be used with dozens of software's for both transcribing and recording. It works with just about any transcription program. So why do you need a USB foot pedal? One of the questions we get all the time is: will this foot pedal work with windows media player. Answer: there is no USB foot pedal that will work with windows media player. It's just the way windows are set up. The computer transcription foot pedals all need software to run. That is why there is a purpose made transcription software.

The transcription software is actually giving the USB foot pedal commands such as rewind, backspace and play. The ability to start-stop, rewind the transcription audio files lets you to free your hands to type up the dictation files. You can use any word processing program you want. Transcription people love the USB3 transcription pedal because it is very hard to break. We did some testing over the last 6 years and the durability of the foot pedal is amazing. The pedal is well constructed for transcribing 1 hour a day or 8 hours per day. If you are looking for a universal USB digital transcriber pedal with the start and stop, plus rewind and fast forward functions, this is a perfect choice. We also have available, excellent transcription headsets, from beginner to expert on our site.

We know you have a number of choices when buying the infinity INUSB-3 foot pedal on the web. May we suggest that you choose Martel. We love the transcription industry, and we do our best to support our customers with ideas and suggestions for their businesses. We are more than an equipment supplier, we are a friend.

The plush design of the pedal lets you rest your foot comfortably, allowing you to transcribe hour after hour without cramping up. The large size of each button on the pedal makes switching between fast forward, rewind and play simple, without any delay.

Please note: No software is included with this foot control. To function, all foot pedals require a controlling transcription software. Please see the corresponding transcription kit for this pedal if you do not have the software.

The Infinity IN-USB-3 transcription foot pedal was recently reengineered for the highest level of performance and comfort. The IN-USB-3 is a USB foot pedal designed to be a pc transcription or dictation foot pedal compatible with most common digital transcription software applications that exist in the marketplace today. The IN-USB-3 can even help you create dictation audio files handsfree! The IN-USB-3 USB foot pedal uses a USB interface to connect to your Windows or Macintosh computer. Just like the previous generation IN-USB-2 USB foot pedal, the IN-USB-3 is one of the most popular USB foot pedals in the industry.

The ergonomic design of the IN-USB-3 provides fantastic comfort great for all day use. Weighting in at 2.3 lbs, the Infinity IN-USB-3 digital foot pedal is just heavy enough to keep it in place while in use and the anti-slip backing helps ensure it stays right where you want it.

The Infinity IN-USB-3 foot pedal is the most compatible and universal USB foot pedal on the planet and works with dozens and dozens of different transcription software solutions. GearPlayer, CyberPlayer and Fusion Player are just a few software solutions that are designed and optimized for this impressive, soft touch foot control. (See compatible software list below.)

This USB foot pedal offers sturdy and durable construction and ultra-heavy-duty micro switches to ensure countless hours of trouble free performance. The internal components of IN-USB-3 have been well tested and are likely to outlast the competition.

The re-sculpted contour of the new Infinity IN-USB-3 offers a lower profile between the floor and the pedal. This design also gives you a wider flare at the base of the foot pedal, giving you greater flexibility in foot size and movement.

The 3-function IN-USB-3 is great for transcription with your favorite software, but also for handsfree dictation. Perfect for any professional needing to dictate handsfree, simply hook your IN-USB-3 to your PC, configure your compatible dictation software and off you go! This usb foot switch is ideal in all professional environments! 041b061a72


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