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Austin Taylor
Austin Taylor

Waring Soup Maker Recipes: From Tomato and Basil Soup to Apple and Cinnamon Cake

hi, i have just started using a soup maker and really like it. however, i am really keen to try the other recipes. i love the idea of you and your boyfriends cooking together. i will definitely try some of your ideas. thanks for sharing your recipes. best wishes to you and your boyfriend.

Waring Soup Maker Recipe Book Download

good morning, just started using my soup maker. i am making tomato and leek soup. i am loving the soup and have ideas for other recipes. i hope you make more recipes and i will let you know what i think of them. thanks for sharing your recipes.

i have a waring soup maker which came with a recipe book for making soup. i have only made tomato soup so far but i have got a lemon and basil soup coming up. i love making soup and i will use this book if i can borrow it from my sister. best wishes.

i have been making soup for a while now. i thought i would give the soup maker a try as i have had good results with my slow cooker. i just made the soup as normal but used half of a large onion instead of half a leek. i also added some garlic, fresh basil, and basil pesto. it was really nice and i would like to try more soup recipes. i am planning to try them all. thank you.

i had to do a bit of a search to find my soup maker, but it came as a complete kit that was put together for me. ive found it really useful for lots of recipes, but my favourite is the beef & mushroom soup. this recipe is quite a different process to what i expected, but its a fantastic result.

i was given a morphy richards soup maker for christmas and i tried the leek and potato soup recipe, the only thing i changed was i had two leeks so this increased the amount of leeks and i love all purpose seasoning so i used a teaspoon instead of salt and pepper. i was so surprised how much taste this soup had when it seemed so simple to make, i do feel like i am cheating! we took a flask to the park with us to fuel the pokemon hunting and it was delicious. thank you and happy new year x


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