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Austin Taylor

[S4E3] Versus

The most intense plot of the entire episode was Elijah versus Wesley. How far is Wesley willing to go to protect his family? He made the promise in The Rookie Season 4 Episode 1, though it seemed as if Wesley was having a hard time following through.

[S4E3] Versus

Seeing the tasks Elijah puts Wesley up to is interesting, especially considering how the team is involved directly with both of them. The moral conflict of Wesley protecting his oath versus protecting his family is a challenging dynamic that the show handles well.

As for the actual episode, "Two Girls One Code" felt a lot like last week's "And the Law Won," because we're still fighting the same battles: Kalinda versus her husband, can Peter be trusted, is Alicia really over Will, Diane versus Hayden (and the financial woes of Lockhart Gardner, which ever opposing attorney looks to exploit), but there's not a lot of movement. More characters are introduced (like the reporter Mandy Post) while seasoned favorites are neglected (mostly Cary, who is mostly seen as a blurry figure in the background of the frame so far this season).

In this second installment of the series, we discuss who you can sue and for what, how to get started, finding the right attorney, going public, legal terms, federal versus state court, detailed steps along the way, possible outcomes, and most importantly, what the experience feels like for survivors. 041b061a72


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