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Elijah Evans
Elijah Evans

Bs 5839 8 Pdf 18 [BEST]

CSS-15C-VA is a full-range, EN54-24 certified ceiling speaker consisting of a 127 mm (5 inch) full-range dual-cone driver, torsion-mounted into an included easy-install blind-mount metal fire dome. The speaker is designed to provide clear and intelligible sound for applications requiring EN54 certification and/or BS5839 compliance. This loudspeaker is EN 54-24 Compliant for life safety applications.

Bs 5839 8 Pdf 18


The PC-1865BS Ceiling Mount Speaker product is certificated EN 54-24 and BS 5839-8: 2008. ThePC-1865BS is suitable for announcement and music use in high quality sound cone speaker. Speakerdesign that harmonize with venue's architecture and decor. This speaker equipped Fire Dome to protectand prevents the fire from spreading in the ceiling in case of an emergency situation.


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