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Austin Taylor
Austin Taylor

Logic Pro 9.1.8 Serial Number Mac

I installed Logic Pro when it was version 8. I upgraded to version 9 and after the upgrade I ran the application. It asked for a serial number, I entered my new serial number which the app said was not valid (this must prove the app is working in this respect).

Logic Pro 9.1.8 Serial Number Mac


I then entered the version 8 serial number and the application thought about it for a few seconds then popped up a error box stating Logic Pro quit unexpectedly. And then asked to either ignore or send a crash report.

When i do this, i try and open logic and i'm confronted with an advert for logic and asked to enter my serial number . I can find the serial number if need be but it seems strange . This wasn't mentioned on any of the threads about this previously. Both times i've tried trashing the plist file Its done this so i've ends up putting it back from the trash so i can open Logic again.

I cant delete my .plist file because then when I try and open logic it asks for my serial number. Why is it doing that? Should I just enter it? I don't want this to turn into a huge nightmare. Maybe upgrading to Logic x would help ??


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