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The Hidden Power By Thomas Troward

There is a very general recognition, which is growing day by day moreand more widespread, that there is a sort of hidden power somewherewhich it is within our ability, somehow or other, to use. The ideas onthis subject are exceedingly vague with the generality of people, butstill they are assuming a more and more definite form, and that whichthey appear to be taking with the generality of the public is therecognition of the power of suggestion. I suppose none of us doubts thatthere is such a thing as the power of suggestion and that it can producevery great results indeed, and that it is par excellence a hiddenpower; it works behind the scenes, it works through what we know as thesubconscious mind, and consequently its activity is not immediatelyrecognisable, or the source from which it comes. Now there is in someaspects, its usefulness, its benefit, but in other aspects there is asource of danger, because a power of this kind is obviously one whichcan be used either well or ill; in itself it is perfectly neutral, itall depends on the purpose for which it is used, and the character ofthe agent who employs it.

the hidden power by thomas troward

Now in these two cases the ultimate object was not a low one, it was onewhich was supposed to be for the benefit of humanity and of the dumbcreation. But that does not justify the means. The maxim, "The endjustifies the means," is the greatest perversion of truth, and stillmore so if this hidden power, the power of suggestion, is used to injureany one for a more personal motive than in these cases which I havecited. The lower the motive, the lower the [46]action becomes, and tosuppose that because mental means are employed they make any differencein the nature of the act is a very great mistake.

He says in effect: now you have seen that this hidden power can be usedto the destruction of life, at your peril use it otherwise than as aDivine power. Use it with prayer to God and with forgiveness of allagainst whom you have any sort of grudge or ill-feeling, and if its useis always prefaced in this way, according to the Master's directions,then nobody can use it to injure another either in mind, body or estate.

Perhaps some of you may be inclined to smile if I use the word"sorcery," but at the present day, under one name or another, scientificor semi-scientific, it is nothing but the old-world sorcery which istrying to find its way among us as the hidden power. Sorcery is theinverted use of spiritual power. That is the definition of it, and Ispeak upon authority. I refer you to the Bible where you will findsorcery takes a prominent place among the list of those things whichexclude from the heavenly Jerusalem; the heavenly Jerusalem not being atown or a city in this place or that place, but the perfected state ofman. Therefore, use sorcery, and you cannot reach that heavenly state.

Are we then on this account to go continually in terror of sufferingfrom malicious magnetism, fearing that some enemy here, or some enemythere, is turning on this hidden power against us? If so, we should go[50]in trepidation continually. No, I do not think there is the leastreason for us to go in fear in this way. To begin with there arecomparatively few who know the law of suggestion sufficiently well touse it either affirmatively or negatively, and of those who do know itsufficiently to make use of it, I am convinced that the majority wouldwish only to use it in all kindness, and for the benefit of the personconcerned. That, I am confident, is the attitude of nine-tenths, or Imight perhaps say ninety-nine hundredths, of the students of thissubject. They wish to do well, and look upon their use of mental poweras an additional means of doing good. But after all, human nature ishuman nature, and there remains a small minority who are both able andwilling to use this hidden power injuriously for their own purposes.

The ultimate affirmative position is that of conscious union with thesource of life. Realise this, and you need not trouble yourself aboutany action of the negative whatever. Seek conscious union with theultimate, the first cause, that which is the starting point of allthings, whether in the universe or in yourself as the individual. Thatstarting point is always present; it is the same yesterday, to-day andforever, and you are the world and the universe in miniature, and it isalways there working in you if you will recognise it. Remember thereciprocity between yourself and this truly hidden power. The power ofsuggestion is a hidden power, but the power which creates all thingsis the hidden power which is at the back of all things. Now realisethat it is in yourselves and you need trouble about the negative nolonger. This is the Bible teaching regarding Christ; and that teachingis to bring about this conscious personal union with the DivineAll-creating Spirit as a present living power to be used day by day.

From the point of view of those who are acquainted with the laws ofspiritual life, such a man is cut off from the root of his own Being.Beyond and far interior to that outer self which each of us knows as theintellectual man working with the physical brain as instrument, we haveroots penetrating deep into that Infinite of which, in our ordinarywaking state, we are only dimly conscious; and it is through this rootof our own individuality, spreading far down into the hidden depths ofBeing, that we draw out of the unseen that unceasing stream of Lifewhich afterwards, by our thought-power, we differentiate into all thoseoutward forms of which we have need. Hence the unceasing necessity forevery one to realise the great truth that his whole individuality hasits foundation [109]in such a root, and that the ground in which this rootis embedded is that Universal Being for which there is no name save thatof the One all-embracing I AM. 041b061a72


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