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[S1E9] Unconscious Selection

"Look for the Light," the ninth and final episode of season 1, finally sees Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) make it to the Fireflies base at a Salt Lake City hospital. What they receive is not the warm welcome they were hoping for, as the rebels throw gas bombs at the pair and pistol-whip Joel into unconsciousness. He wakes to find a familiar face, Marlene (Merle Dandridge).

[S1E9] Unconscious Selection

Marlene, whose history with Ellie's mom plays out in a flashback sequence, knows Ellie must die for the betterment of humanity. Joel doesn't see it that way. He kills the soldiers escorting him off the premises, grabs their weapons, and goes on a rampage. He kills everyone he finds in the hospital, including both the doctor set to operate on Ellie and Marlene, who makes one last appeal to Joel's conscience. With a heap of bodies in his wake, he departs with an unconscious Ellie in his arms.

There was one question we had not discussed yet. If Trevor knew about his wife reaching out to her friend, Sonya Patel? This is when we notice Elliott rubbing his right leg, which is a tale we learned he had during jury selection. Trevor says he did not know. Mickey sees the tell. When Golantz is done with the witness, Haller has a chance to redirect but does not. Did Mick choose not to because he knew if he redirected his client would set up his client to break the law on the witness stand?

I prefer this latter option, and it would fit with the ways in which Severance (the show) has suggested that severance (the procedure) is less than perfect. Irv paints the dark hallway over and over again, Mark molds a tree from clay during his wellness session with Ms. Casey, and so on. There are little moments that indicate some unconscious continuity between the halves of the severed selves, and to some degree this is true even of Helly, who is clearly quite headstrong in both versions of herself.

Doing this, rather than having an ad-hoc system, will make it much less likely that you will be more (or less) lenient because of your unconscious preference (or aversion) towards certain types of employees.

Even Steve-O is ready to hang up his hat: "Filming Jackass at this age is much the same as it ever was, with two big differences," he previously told GQ. "Our bones break significantly easier. And it takes less to knock us completely unconscious. Plus, longer to wake up."

"So the big question is what was it like making a Jackass movie now that we're so much older," Steve-O said in a recent YouTube video. "And the answer, well, it takes less for our bones to break and it also takes less to knock us completely unconscious. And longer for us to wake up, too."

Revealing his "scariest injuries" happened while filming the fourth installment, the stand-up comedian then detailed how he was knocked unconscious when he fell on a treadmill, only to hit his head again on the concrete. "I remember waking up on the stretcher, but I don't remember getting into the ambulance or arriving at the hospital...concussions are scary, dude. I don't want any more of this things."

Leaving a trail of blood and carnage in his wake, Joel finally reaches the pediatric ward and finds the doctor and several nurses in a room about to begin surgery. Ellie is unconscious. He enters the room and tells them to unhook her.

As the Freys continue to massacre the Stark army camped outside the Twins, the Hound flees the scene with an unconscious Arya. Unfortunately, she wakes up at exactly the wrong moment and sees a decapitated Robb being paraded through the castle gates with the head of his direwolf sewn to his body in place of his own. 041b061a72


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