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Elijah Evans
Elijah Evans

Unfinished Business.mp4

In this thread, a VLC developer says that VLC cannot play partially downloaded mp4 files because the info is stored at the end of the file. But recently when I tested the same, adding a mp4 task in Chrome and passing the partial .crdownload to VLC, it worked. VLC played the mp4 without a glitch. I didn't let the download finish and stopped the player in the middle to save bandwidth, but I believe it would have played the entire media while Chrome was still downloading it. I was also able to seek through the video, which some unfinished video formats won't allow. What to make of this? I'm doing a media streamer as a pet project and really wanna know if I can initiate the download and pass the media to vlc via command line after certain amount of bytes are downloaded.

Unfinished Business.mp4

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