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Elijah Evans
Elijah Evans

Deep Purple 1973 Who Do We Think We Are.rar BEST

For a categorization of solutions, I suppose it is tolerable if dangerous divorced from the origins of the problem to leave off the evidence. There is another problem with placing DARK MATTER at the center. This is a linguistic problem that raises deep epistemological issues that most scientists working in the field rarely bother to engage with. Words matter; the names we use frame how we think about the problem. By calling it the dark matter problem, we presuppose the answer. A more appropriate term might be mass discrepancy, which was in use for a while by more careful-minded people, but it seems to have fallen into disuse. Dark matter is easier to say and sounds way more cool.

Deep Purple 1973 Who Do We Think We Are.rar

All my composing, with the fewest of exceptions, engages with and engenders improvisation. I think about this as I compose. That is my tradition. It has many avenues. So yes, I am often thinking about how to highlight and activate areas the players express, some lyricism here, some extroverted density there, a deep groove here. Have I always pulled this off? Probably not, but it is a guiding light.


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