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Dispensing Pharmacy Book By Rm Mehta Free Download

Dispensing Pharmacy Book by RM Mehta Free Download

Dispensing pharmacy is the branch of pharmacy that deals with the preparation, compounding, and dispensing of medicines according to the prescriptions of physicians. Dispensing pharmacy also involves the knowledge of dosage forms, drug interactions, drug stability, drug storage, and drug administration. Dispensing pharmacy is an essential skill for pharmacists, pharmacy students, and pharmacy technicians.

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One of the best books for learning dispensing pharmacy is Dispensing Pharmacy by RM Mehta. This book covers the theoretical and practical aspects of dispensing pharmacy in a simple and concise manner. The book contains 352 pages and is divided into 15 chapters. Some of the topics covered in the book are:

  • Introduction to dispensing pharmacy

  • Prescription: definition, parts, types, and errors

  • Posology: calculation of doses and dosage forms

  • Incompatibilities: physical, chemical, and therapeutic

  • Solutions: definition, types, preparation, and labeling

  • Suspensions: definition, types, preparation, and labeling

  • Emulsions: definition, types, preparation, and labeling

  • Powders: definition, types, preparation, and labeling

  • Capsules: definition, types, preparation, and labeling

  • Tablets: definition, types, preparation, and labeling

  • Ointments: definition, types, preparation, and labeling

  • Creams: definition, types, preparation, and labeling

  • Pastes: definition, types, preparation, and labeling

  • Gels: definition, types, preparation, and labeling

  • Suppositories: definition, types, preparation, and labeling

The book also contains numerous examples, illustrations, tables, charts, diagrams, and exercises to enhance the understanding of the concepts. The book is written in a clear and lucid language that makes it easy to read and comprehend. The book is suitable for both undergraduate and postgraduate students of pharmacy as well as practicing pharmacists.

The book is published by Vallabh Prakashan in 2003. The book has an ISBN number of 8185731217. The book is available in both hardcover and paperback editions. The book can be purchased from various online and offline sources. However, some people may want to download the book for free from the internet. There are some websites that claim to offer the free download of the book in PDF format. However, these websites may not be reliable or legal. They may contain viruses or malware that can harm your computer or device. They may also violate the copyright laws and infringe the rights of the author and publisher.

Therefore, it is advisable to avoid downloading the book from unauthorized sources. Instead, you should buy the book from a reputable source or borrow it from a library or a friend. This way, you can support the author and publisher as well as respect their intellectual property rights. You can also enjoy reading the book without any risk or hassle.

If you are interested in learning more about dispensing pharmacy or other aspects of pharmaceutics, you can also check out some other books that are available online or offline. Some of these books are:

  • Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms: Tablets by Herbert A. Lieberman et al.

  • Remington Essentials of Pharmaceutics by Linda A. Felton

  • Pharmaceutics: The Science of Dosage Form Design by Michael E. Aulton

We hope that this article has provided you with some useful information about dispensing pharmacy book by RM Mehta free download. We also hope that you have enjoyed reading this article. If you have any questions or feedback about this article or any other topic related to pharmacy or medicine, please feel free to contact us through our website or social media platforms. We would love to hear from you and help you in any way we can.

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