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Apple’s MacOS Catalina Delivers A Brand New, Gorgeous €?Drift’ Screen Saver

In addition to the new dynamic wallpapers, youll find the settings interface and wallpaper preferences changed to make it even easier to access and customize the wallpapers on your Mac. On macOS, you can customize the wallpapers to keep them updated at startup, and also use the new automatic wallpapers feature to have your favorite wallpapers load and update as soon as you open your Mac. On iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and the sixth-generation iPod touch, each wallpaper can be set as the default, and you can view more than one at a time.

Apple’s macOS Catalina delivers a brand new, gorgeous ‘Drift’ screen saver

The TV app is a go-to source for streaming Movies and TV Shows. Its also where you go to access collections of previously purchase iTunes movies. TV features Apple TV Channels third-party subscription service integration, and itswhere youll go to enjoy Apples new Apple TV+ subscription service when it launches later this fall. It also supports playing 4K HDR movies on macOS for the first time.

macOS 10.15 beta users can access all seven new Catalina wallpapers in System Preferences > Desktop & Screen Saver > Desktop Pictures without manually downloading and adding each wallpaper. If youre not running macOS Catalina yet (the new OS will be finalized and released in October), you can open each link in a new tab and save each image for the full resolution version.

macOS Catalina also adds some new privacy enhancements and changes to how Gatekeeper works. While new processes need to be signed, the new macOS policy engine limits the amount of access an app needs to have to your private data. Finally, the new Tabs feature gives you easy access to open multiple websites in a single window.


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