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Cold Hearted Rake Epub Bud Read

Before firing, the family carefully raked off the dry grass and leaves from the edge of the field, and cut down any brush wood. This was done that the fire might not spread to the surrounding timber, nor out on the prairie. Prairie fires and forest fires are even yet not unknown on our reservation.

cold hearted rake epub bud read

After two days I took the bundle down and opened it. From a horn spoon I sipped a little tepid water into my mouth and blew it over the seeds. I took care that the water was neither too hot nor too cold, lest it kill the seeds. I rebound the bundle and hung it up again on the drying pole. At the end of another day the seeds were sprouted nearly an inch and were ready to plant.

It was our custom to remove to our winter village in the mida'-pạxi'di widi'c, or leaf-turn-yellow moon; it corresponds about to October. I remember the leaves used to be falling from the trees while we were working about our winter lodges, getting ready for cold weather.

Ah Q was thoroughly discontented at finding himself continuallyignored, but as soon as he heard of this silver peach he realizedat once why he was left out in the cold. Simply to say that you hadgone over was not enough to make anyone a revolutionary; nor was itenough merely to wind your pigtail up on your head; the mostimportant thing was to get into touch with the revolutionary party.In all his life he had known only two revolutionaries, one of whomhad already lost his head in town, leaving only the ImitationForeign Devil. Unless he went at once to talk things over with theImitation Foreign Devil, no way would be left open to him.

"Then she told me the whole story, saying, 'It was probablylast spring that Ah Shun began to look pale and thin. Later shewould often start crying suddenly, and if you asked her why, shewouldn't say. Sometimes she even cried all night, until Chang Fulost his temper and scolded her, saying she had waited too long tomarry and had gone mad. When autumn came, first she had a slightcold and then she took to her bed, and after that she never got upagain. Only a few days before she died, she told Chang Fu that shehad long ago become like her mother, often spitting blood andperspiring at night. She had hidden it, afraid that he would worryabout her. One evening her uncle Chang Keng came to demandmoney--he was always doing that--and when she would not give himany he smiled coldly and said, "Don't be so proud; your man isnot even up to me!" That upset her, but she was too shy to ask,and could only cry. As soon as Chang Fu knew this, he told her whata decent fellow her future husband was; but it was too late.Besides, she didn't believe him. "It's a good thing I'm alreadylike this," she said. "Now nothing matters any more."'

We went out of the wine shop together. His hotel lay in theopposite direction to mine, so we said goodbye at the door. As Iwalked alone towards my hotel, the cold wind and snow beat againstmy face, but I felt refreshed. I saw that the sky was already dark,woven together with houses and streets into the white, shifting webof thick snow.

It took her five weeks to learn that my work could not berestricted by regular eating hours. When she did realize it she wasprobably annoyed, but she said nothing. After that my work did goforward faster, and soon I had translated 50,000 words. I had onlyto polish the manuscript, and it could be sent in with two alreadycompleted shorter pieces to Freedom's Friend. Thosemeals were still a headache though. It didn't matter if the disheswere cold, but there weren't enough of them. My appetite was muchsmaller than before, now that I was sitting at home all day usingmy brain, but even so there wasn't always even enough rice. It hadbeen given to Ahsui, sometimes along with the mutton whichrecently, I myself had rarely a chance to eat. She said Ahsui wasso thin, it was really pathetic, and it made the landlady sneer atus. She couldn't stand being laughed at.

But I didn't go there to read. There were usually a few otherpeople there, sometimes as many as a dozen, all thinly clad likeme. We kept up a pretence of reading, in order to keep out of thecold. This suited me down to the ground. You were liable to meetpeople you knew on the road who would glance at you contemptuously,but here there was no trouble of that kind, because myacquaintances were all gathered round other stoves or warmingthemselves at the stoves in their own homes.

Then Tzu-chun started looking resentful. This happened for thefirst time one morning, one bitterly cold morning, or so Iimagined. I smiled secretly to myself, cold with indignation. Allthe ideas and intelligent, fearless phrases she had learned wereempty after all. Yet she did not know this. She had given upreading long ago, and did not realize the first thing in life is tomake a living, that to do this people must advance hand in hand, orgo forward singly. All she could do was cling to someone else'sclothing, making it difficult even for a fighter to struggle, andbringing ruin on both.

However, my heart still felt heavy. Why couldn't I have waited afew days instead of blurting out the truth like that to her? Nowshe knew all that was left to her was the passionate sternness ofher father--who was as heartless as a creditor with hischildren--and the icy cold looks of bystanders. Apart from thisthere was only emptiness. How terrible to bear the heavy burden ofemptiness, treading out one's life amid sternness and cold looks!And at the end not even a tombstone to your grave!

Then through the throng pushed a dark man, lean as an iron rake,with a black beard and black eyes. Without a word, he smiled coldlyat Mei Chien Chih, then raised his hand to flick the jaw of theyoungster with the wizened face and looked steadily into his eyes.For a moment the youth returned his stare, then let go of the boy'scollar and went off. The dark man went off too, and thedisappointed spectators drifted away. A few came up to ask MeiChien Chih his age and address, and whether he had sisters at home.But he ignored them.


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